Our Services

We are a full-service exhibit design and fabrication firm that specializes in live-animal habitats and educational materials for zoos, aquariums, and natural history & science museums.

Proposals and Design:

Whether you are starting fresh or renovating an existing gallery, we are prepared to help with all aspects of exhibit planning and design. We can help you to understand what will be involved in every step of the process from demolition to the introduction of animals along with realistic time and finance estimates.

Interpretive Graphics:

We are a team of artisans and educators. Our formal education in the hard sciences and in education gives us a firm jump off point from which to leap and soar with engaging information, creativity, and a sophisticated aesthetic. These multimedia demonstrations are designed to explain complex scientific knowledge that speak to a broad range of guests whether they are in a stroller or have a PhD.

Interactive Displays:

Most people learn by doing so we appreciate any opportunity to be able to take education to the next level. We design and build the most engaging, entertaining, and robust interactives in the industry. We strive for the most impact with the fewest moving parts.

Live-Animal Exhibits

We see our job as having to balance the needs of the animals, the keeper staff, the education department, and the public. We strive to reproduce the nature-scapes that we're hired to build as precisely as we can as long as it does not negatively impact the functionality of the exhibit. We relish any opportunity to place ourselves in the habitats that we are recreating and produce molds of the trees and rock formations so that the final product is as close to reality as possible, which makes the animals and guests feel like they are really there. During a site visit we take detailed still photos and video of all of the fine points of the environment which we will make available to the institution.