In the air pictures with drone technology

In the air, in the field, and under the water are where the great images are found.

We see nature through naturalist eyes and create media that reflects our deep appreciation for the natural world. Whether you need a time-lapse video of the Amazon flooding her banks, salmon spawning under an icy river, white sharks feeding, or just a detailed close-up of tree roots we can deliver. We have a full compliment of 4K video and HD still photo equipment strapped to drones, in underwater housings, and in a backpack ready to go.

Environments in Profile

We have begun to offer a stand-alone service to institutions that provides them with an overall view of the environment being represented with an entire package of images (still and video) that fully represents the system. The collection comes with an array of images of the native foliage, geology, and ecology of the region, as well as examples of the predators, prey items, and where they live.

Previous "Environments In Profile" include: The Volcanism of the Sinai Desert, Crocodilians of the World, Komodo Island, Great White Sharks, Peat Swamps of Peninsular Malaysia, Galapagos Island Tortoises, Beneath the Red Sea, and more. Clients receive a package that contains a detailed summery of the habitat and a usage license to a large collection of custom digital still and video images that can be used by designers, educators, and architects for interpretive materials, as study images, or purely for inspiration.

Environment in Profile Environment in Profile Environment in Profile Environment in Profile Environment in Profile
Photo Taking in Helicopter Canyon Photo Taking Underwater Dive